Women under Islam

Women Without Borders

As the UN’s Gender Inequality Index (see previous post) indicates, most of the worst gender gaps occur in Islamic countries. A new report on gender-based violence written by the US Hudson Institute for the World Watch List describes how a profound lack of equality between men and women in Muslim countries means that all women in these societies are structurally vulnerable to systematic violence and discrimination in their daily lives.[i]

 Adultery and Other Moral Issuesburqa

  • Iranian law reads: “The stoning of an adulterer, or adulteress will be carried on while each is placed in a hole and covered with soil—he up to his waist, and she up to the line above her breast.” Under Islamic law, if you can escape and run away you are allowed to go free. Obviously no woman can escape if she is buried almost to her neck!
  • Under Libya’s Qaddafi, girls and…

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